Our Purpose

Where the name came from

The Ulster-Scots of Colorado is an educational and social organization committed to the promotion of the Ulster-Scots history and heritage. We focus on both the colonization of Ulster during the reign of King James I (17th Century), known as the “Plantation of Ulster” as well as the “Great Migration” of the 18th Century as it pertains to the nearly quarter of a million immigrants who left the north of Ireland (Ulster) and settled in America. The majority of these immigrants were the descendants of Lowland and Border Scots as well as Northern English. They sought to carve out of the American wilderness a better life for themselves and their families. In the process, they helped establish and build our great American republic. Once in America, these immigrants came to be known as Scots-Irish. In the British Isles they are known also as Ulstermen or Ulster-Scots. Today nearly 22 million Americans can trace the roots of at least one family member to these hardy settlers from the North of Ireland.

Our Goals

The organization is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization. It encourages its' members to gather together on a regular basis to collectively pursue the goals of the organization through active participation in family oriented social activities as well as educational and special cultural events. All members are encouraged to represent your heritage at local cultural events such as Scottish Highland games, Celtic Festivals, Irish and Scotch-Irish Festivals, parades, etc.

Ulster Scots

We Celebrate Family History

The first rule in Family History is spelling doesn't matter. This is one of many 'hang-ups' people trip over when searching for their heritage. You can be part of a clan and still be an Ulster Scots. Don't pigeonhole yourself, we celebrate all Family History. 

We're not a Clan

The closest thing that we are is a Historical Society. The Ulster Scots by definition is a language spoken by people usually in Northern Ireland. In our case (Scotch-Irish) we are referring to the families that migrated from the lowlands of Scotland to the Provence of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

We are Americans

We live in Colorado. We were born in America. Our Ancestors are from Ireland and Scotland. We love to learn about our culture but don't discriminate because we know the Celtic people liked to intermingle with everyone.